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Ohio Estate Planning & Probate Administration Attorneys

You've probably heard that estate planning is important, and Internet research has likely recommended that you avoid probate at all costs. But what does that mean? Where do you begin when putting together your estate plan, and what do you do if you are tasked with administering the estate of a loved one? Contact us today to discuss how to make the estate planning or estate administration process as simple as possible to minimize burdens and costs on your loved ones.

Estate Planning

Thinking about estate planning can be overwhelming. It often involves discussing death and money with loved ones, and that can be uncomfortable. But having those difficult conversations early on can prevent disastrous situations in the future.

Schedule an estate planning consultation with us today to talk about how you can create powers of attorney, advance healthcare directives, a living will, and a last will and testament or inter vivos trust to make things as easy as possible for your family and loved ones.

Estate Planning

Estate & Probate Administration

When an individual dies, some of that person's property will transfer without probate court involvement. Property that is held by a trustee will transfer according to the directions in the agreement of trust. Real estate that is titled in survivorship form or subject to a transfer-on-death designation affidavit will pass to the surviving owner or the person designated in the affidavit. Joint bank accounts or bank accounts with a payable-on-death designations will transfer after the death certificate is presented to the bank. Additionally, beneficiaries named on life insurance policies, retirement benefit plans, and investment accounts can receive their interest in those assets without needing to file anything in probate court.


Assets that are held only in the name of the deceased person and do not have a beneficiary designation are probate assets. Probate assets must transfer through proceedings in probate court. Schedule an estate administration consultation with us today to talk about how to begin the probate process and efficiently administer your loved one's estate.

Probate Adminisration
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