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Compassionate Service

We never forget our role as servants, remembering that each person who contacts our office is dealing with something that they think we might be able to help them with. That’s an honor, and a responsibility we take seriously. While we might not take on every person who contacts us as a client, that doesn’t mean we don’t serve. We serve by listening; we serve by understanding; and we serve with compassion.

Efficient Problem solvers

Not every nail requires a hammer, and not every situation requires a lawsuit. After we identify the precise nature of the problem, we search for a solution. We don’t throw gasoline on the fire: our goal is to help the person coming to us for help. Sometimes solving the problem means using our justice system for a person’s benefit; sometimes solving the problem means writing a letter; and sometimes solving the problem means avoiding the problem altogether. We are not a one-size-fits-all law firm. We are a problem-solving law firm, and we strive to solve problems as efficiently as possible.

effective advocates

Sometimes confrontation is required. When the wrongdoer refuses to acknowledge wrongdoing, when the bully doesn’t back down, when there is disagreement about the facts—that’s when advocacy is required. And that’s when we become your champion. We are prepared to zealously advocate for what we believe is right, and if your case has made it to this stage, that means we believe in the rightness of your cause. That’s when we’re heading to trial—placing your case into the able hands of a jury of everyday people—as the bill of rights to our Constitution envisions.

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